Marble is good value

Pradeep Kumar, who regularly purchases marble for his clients and is a discerning and quality conscious buyer states that if selected judiciously, marble is good value for money. Prices for marble range from Rs. 35 per sq. ft. to Rs. 2,000.

Mr. M.M. Kunjumohammed of Eastern Marbles is of the opinion that excessive competition in the market is self-destructive and is slowly killing the industry. Undercutting of prices and other unethical trade practices are slowly strangulating the industry. According to him Makrana is the only genuine marble available and the other varieties are inferior and are known as stone in industry parlance. These varieties will not retain polish after a period and the buyer is ultimately disillusioned with his purchase.

Another dealer who wished to remain unnamed revealed the unethical machinations of some sellers. Procuring marble under the false pretext of using the same for construction of own homes, taxes are evaded and the product is sold at below market prices. A nexus with interstate border authorities also exists whereby marble and stone enters the State without the necessary levies being paid. Likewise, poor quality and rejected materials are procured from mines and sold to gullible customers as first quality. Excessive demand, depletion of resources, rising labour and transportation costs are also slowly strangulating the industry.

Marble over the ages has held a magical sway over man. India's finest Makrana has been used for the construction of the Taj Mahal as well as for the construction of structures at Mecca and Medina. The enduring quality and appeal of marble will attract more and more people who wish to possess it and this craving will nurture the growth of sellers, both good and bad.

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