Marbles Everywhere

Entire Kochi must be paved with marble, a casual visitor motoring down the stretch of road, approximately seven kilometers in length, along the Vytilla to Edappally by-pass, is likely to imagine. He/she can't be faulted, anyway if he surmised that Kochi must be going through a massive construction boom and that the preferred construction material for the residents of Kochi must be marble.

There are nearly 20 outlets selling marble slabs and tiles on this stretch of road alone. One seller has two outlets. An edition of the Cochin Business Pages Directory lists nearly 40 marble dealers. Why so many dealers? Is it economically viable for these sellers with so much of competition? Is there such great demand for marble that this proliferation of marble dealers becomes justified? Who is the ultimate gainer, the buyer or the seller? What makes this business tick?

Marbles are neither unsuitable for our climate nor is it an unaffordable or highly priced commodity. Mr. Sony Joseph, architect of the firm of Sony Mathai Lallichan, Ernakulam, is of the opinion that marble is ideal as a flooring material for our hot summers as it is cool. Since marbles, when relative to granite or glazed tiles is less expensive, it is easier to maintain and has long lasting properties and is a suitable flooring and kitchen top choice according to him. Vinod Kumar, Structural Engineer with V.S.Group, Ernakulam, is also a strong advocate of the use of marbles.

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